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Privacy Policy

FairTax Refund Services Privacy Policy

You have entered the FairTax Refund Services’ website, an Individual and Small Business Tax Preparation Service Firm. The FAIRTAX REFUND SERVICES uses this website to provide information about FAIRTAX REFUND SERVICES products and programs. This website includes specific applications which provide more services or enable us to respond to specific questions from Web site visitors.

We will not collect personal information about you just because you visit this Internet site. There are forms on this website that provide you with the opportunity to basic information about yourself, ask questions requiring a response, sign up for electronic newsletters, contact Tax Practitioners directly and customer surveys, or learn the status of filed returns or anticipated payments through inquiries. Using these services is voluntary and may require that you provide additional personal information to us. Providing the requested information implies your consent for us to use this data to respond to your specific request.

Your Privacy Rights

FAIRTAX REFUND SERVICES is committed to protecting the privacy rights of America's taxpayers. These rights are protected by the Internal Revenue Code, the Privacy Act of 1974, the Freedom of Information Act, and FAIRTAX REFUND SERVICES policies and practices. For more information about these laws, visit the IRS Electronic Freedom of Information Act Reading Room, or contact FAIRTAX REFUND SERVICES.


The FairTax Refund Services Privacy policies ensure that your personal information is protected whenever you visit the FAIRTAX REFUND SERVICES website, If you have any questions or comments regarding the FAIRTAX REFUND SERVICES' website privacy policy, please contact us at the address below.

FairTax Refund Services
ATTN:  Chief Tax Practitioner
3600 W. Pioneer Pkwy., Suite 1
Pantego TX 76013

BEFORE YOU WRITE, note that we cannot assist you with any type of tax matter via correspondence. Our office may only address questions about FAIRTAX REFUND SERVICES privacy policies or concerns you may have regarding how FAIRTAX REFUND SERVICES uses and collects personal information.  For Tax Service Assistance, please call 972.244.3247 to begin the process.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not respond to unsolicited e-mails that claim to come from the FAIRTAX REFUND SERVICES, or any e-mail from an unknown party asking you to submit personal, tax, or financial data. The FAIRTAX REFUND SERVICES does not use unsecured email to request this type of information. Forward suspicious e-mails to: .

For more information contact the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or visit the TIGTA website.


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